Bio + CV

progettozero+ is an artists/curators group founded in 2001.

Through our projects we reflect on issues related to public, socio-political and relational modalities, operating with people, communities and other artists. 

We mostly work in the field of Public and Social Art, dealing with the complexity of everyday life, trying to find solutions, to pose questions and to look for different ways of social and political interaction.

The mainframe is the attention payed to human relations, to the concept of public, and to the political and social role of artist and curator.

We work as artists, curators, art producers, musicians, without any distinction and adapting languages to context and audience specificity.


(C): Curatorial project // (I): Art project or Intervention



“Re:mapping – Homeless Visions”, community based project with a group of homeless people, video interviews and city maps edition, Arzignano, Italy (I).


Kjosk! public art gallery in a former newsstand, Bassano del Grappa, Italy. (C)


Urbanity –Twenty Years Later, Video screening and project presentation, Gallery Vžigalica, Museum & Galleries of Ljubljana, Slovenia. (I)
URBAN DISPLAY, round table and project presentation, Galleria Contemporaneo, Mestre, Venice, Italy. (I)
TERRITORIES | participated policy, three days of festival curated by progettozero+, Bassano del Grappa, Italy. (C)
SPEECHES – permanent revolution, live improvisation noise performance (feat. THE TERVISEX) to support the students’ strike in Rijeka, occupied Art Accademy, Rjieka, Croatia. (I)


V.H.P. doc, Public art project & documentary. In collaboration with Università di Padova and Ministry of Youth. (I)
The Word is Yours, Curated By M. Salmaso & C. Zizioli. Fabbrica Borroni, Milano, Italy. (I)
ESTETICHE DEL CAMOUFLAGE, Disrupting Images in Art & Design, lecture held in Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, IUAV, Venice, Italy. (I)


Networking Curatorial Practices, Lecture at the Curatorial Lab_07, Venice (I)
art-e-conomy, lecture with the curator Marko Stamenkovic & professor Pier Luigi Sacco. Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice, Italy. (C)
RESIDE.NTS: Visualising the Transformation, (2007-2008) Community Based Art project in New Belgrade, in collaboration with Marko Stamenkovic, Belgrade, Serbia. (I)


40X40 curated by Sebastiano Zanetti, Pay&Display gallery, Verona, Italy (I)
Curatorial Workshop. Assistant professors at the workshop of prof. Cornelia Lauf, ClasAV (Faculty of Visual Arts, IUAV, Venice, Italy). (C)
TRANSMISSION.06/mimesis, Web Archive on mimetic tactics of artistic intervention in everyday life. In cooperation with the workshop of prof. Cornelia Lauf, ClasAV (Faculty of Visual Arts, IUAV, Venice, Italy). (C)
Freeshout Festival, (feat.THE TERVISEX), ex-Macelli, Prato, Italy. (I)
Real Presence 06, curated by Bijliana Tomic and Dobrila De Negri, Belgrade, Serbia. (I)
Sherwood Festival, (feat.THE TERVISEX) Euganeo Stadium, Padova, Italy. (I)
Mediteranske Igre, Seas Rijeka 06, curated by Drugo More & Nemanja Cvijanović, Rijeka, Croatia. (I)
Venice Industry Festival, (feat.THE TERVISEX) Cso Rivolta, Mestre, Italy. (I)
Tends to Infinity, Young Artists and a Mathematical Concept, curated by Stefano Coletto. Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice, Italy. (I)
Display, curated by Daniela Zangrando, shopping mall Le Corti Venete, Verona, Italy. (I)


Curatorial Workshop, Assistant professors at the workshop of prof. Cornelia Lauf, ClasAV (Faculty of Visual Arts, IUAV, Venice, Italy). (C)
Traffic Zone 02, 12 artists from Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Trento, curated by Stefano Coletto and Marco Ferraris. Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Trento. (I)

51. Venice Biennale. REAL PRESENCE 05 – Floating Sites, Belgrade-Venice, curated by Bijliana Tomic and Dobrila De Negri, Venice (I)
Real Presence 05, curated by Bijliana Tomic and Dobrila De Negri. Belgrade, Serbia. (I)
TRANSMISSION.05/Plazamarket, Public art project. A small community of artists touring and experimenting new ways of interacting with the population in the context of local markets. In cooperation with the workshop of prof. C. Pietroiusti, ClasAV (Faculty of Visual Arts), IUAV, Venice, Italy. (C)

2004 Collettiva, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, curated by Aangela Vettese. Venice, Italy. (I)
TRANSMISSION.04, Public art project. Interferences and actions within the relational dynamics and in national and international medias.
In cooperation with the workshops of prof. Joseph Kosuth and prof. Rirkrit Tiravanija of ClasAV (Faculty of Visual Arts, IUAV, Venice). Venice, Italy. (C)
Burned Children of America, curated by S. Coletto. Treviso, Italy. (I)
Old Stories, Community-based art project, creation of a memory’s archive through the narration. Veneto, Italy. (I)
Intervista a Francesco Bonami, Interview with the director of the 50th Venice Biennale. Edited within 50. Biennale Revisited, Mazzanti ed., Venezia. (I)

2003 Collettiva, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, curated by A. Vettese. Venezia. (I)
La Biennale 2003. Un bilancio, A meeting/debate with Francesco Bonami (director of the 50. Biennale of Venice) with Prof. Nico Stringa. Art Museum, Bassano del Grappa, Italy. (C)
blank–instructions for possibility, Public art collective project aimed to revisit the concept of well-being. Edition of “instructions for the possibility”, a collective book. Bassano d.Gr. (VI), Asolo (TV), Marostica (VI), Italy. (C)
Progettozero(+) public art, lecture at Human Geography course at Ca’ Foscari Univeristy, Venice. (I)


Tracce, apparire/sparire dell’arte, curated by Stefano Coletto. Treviso, Italy. (I)
8th Venice Biennale of Architecture – Zuperfest! Multimedia event inside the pavilion designed by the architect H. Gerngross, Venice, Italy. (I)
peace(end)love, Public Art collective project consisting of an exhibition of young international artists and events aimed to relaunch historical and artistic sites in the town of Bassano del Grappa, Italy. (C)


Big Mama/HeArt zone, Public Art collective exhibition. The exhibition took place at “Giardino Parolini”, a botanical garden. The project included a residency for the artists. Bassano del Grappa, Italy. (C)