TRANSMISSION.06 – mimesis

Exhibited ARTISTS

Banksy, Centre for Tactical Magic, 001.org, Reverend Billy, Space Hijackers, Amnesty International, Mark Jenkins, among many others.


World Wide Web


IUAV University of Venice, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Diesel S.p.a.

curatorial projects
About This Project

TRANSMISSION.06 – mimesis was an open call for the creation of an urban/public art web archive about camouflage and invisibility strategies.

This project intended to investigate the strategies and the dynamics of camouflage and likeness, of subtle sabotage and tampering, of détournement: the techniques of fusion and intrusion between artistic language and daily life, media and public.

The classical issue of art as mimesis of reality put in relation  to public art, street art, media art, graphic art and performance. How do  these forms “imitate” today’s realty?

The project consisted of the on-line publishing of a website (unfortunately, at the moment, no more available) for the collection of documents.

In collaboration with LAB-mimesis, a student group formed within the course for curatorial practices, Prof. Cornelia Lauf, IUAV University of Venice, Faculty of Arts and Design.