Public Art and Research project, web and documentary.

About This Project

The project investigated the human and working aspects of urban and socio-economic transformation in the post-socialist Eastern Europe. After the establishment of the new market economy in the region, New Belgrade transformation is a paradigmatic case for the cities in the South-East of Europe. In particular, the project proposed a wide interdisciplinary analysis focusing on the changes of “values”, their translation into a new system of values (pertaining to the new market logic).

We focused on the perception and the representation of this transformation from the inhabitants’ point of view: old and new workers, the new business class as well as the ordinary people living in the area.
After a first phase of research, meeting experts, local institutions and other subjects of the socio-economical and urban transformation we started a walk-through the city collecting stories, images, videos and interviewing people living there.

To “visualize the transformation” we choose the tool of a travel guide. The guide itself is a common device to represent a city, to describe its culture, its history and the social changes. Creating a guide, inviting the residents to do it, could be a platform to establish a dialogue among people, and between people and the place they live, their city.

 We’ve created several maps on Google Maps which contain the documentation we collected, photos and video interviews, linked to the places they refer to. A short documentary with a selection of the interviews is available on line too.