13 Variations on the Theme


Display. Curated by Daniela Zangrando


Le Corti Venete, shopping mall. Verona

About This Project

Unauthorized intervention during the opening of the group show Display, curated by Daniela Zangrando. The show took place in a big shopping mall (Le Corti Venete) in Verona, Italy.

After the censorship of a previous proposal – because of its strong political meaning – zero+ played an unauthorized 6 vs 6 soccer match (Mass vs Power) on the roof/park lot of the shopping mall.

Each player wore a shirt whit a definition of “Power” and “Mass”, from political to science.

The match last till the intervention of the security (1 hour). The snaps of the match were deleted by the security agents (taking pictures or filming was forbidden).

Some shots remains.

“Power” won 13 to 11.