RESIDE.NTS _ visualizing the transformation

The project intends to investigate the human and working aspects of urban and socio-economic transformation in the post-socialist Eastern Europe after the establishment of the new market economy.
In particular, the project aims at proposing a wide interdisciplinary analysis and a following intervention within the community of New Belgrade, the emerging business zone of the city of Belgrade (Serbia), considering the dynamics of its transformation as a paradigmatic case for the capital cities in the South-East of Europe.
The aim of the project is the final production of a web "City Guide" (using google maps) and a video documentary about the Transformation, made with the inhabitants' participation, to return the image of the city from their intimate perception. PDF

Community Based project, New Belgrade (Serbia)
In collaboration with: M.Stamenkovic (curator) , IUAV University (prof PL.Sacco) and Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice.

residents BLOG

residents CITY GUIDE (google map)

Residents VIDEO (documentary, 20')



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