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IUAV University of Venice | Faculty of Design and Art - ClasAV - Laboratorio delle tecniche e delle espressioni artistiche 7 e 4.

Joseph Kosuth | assistant: Fiona Biggiero | Anna Longo | Elena Rottigni | Gabriele Mazzariol | Giuliana Racco | Jacopo Jarach | Katerina Dolejsova | Katia Meneghini | Lucia Maggio | Marian Vanzetto | Roberto Mainardi | Sabine Jallow | Stefania De Vincentis | Thanos Zakopoulos | Veronica Voltolina

Rirkrit Tiravanija
| assistant: Francesca Grassi | Ana Maria Bresciani | Andrés Aguirre | Annapaola Passarini | Enrica Cavarzan | Fabio Marullo | Gastón Ramirez | Irene Calderoni | Lucilla Pesce | Marco Baravalle | Mariagiovanna Nuzzi | Nikola Uzunovsky | Silvia Ferri | Sara D’Agostino | Vittoria Martini

The 2004 edition saw the participation of the classes of Joseph Kosuth and Rirkrit Tiravanija: the artists realized a series of interventions and actions in the form of interferences within the media (newspapers, magazines, radio and television) and as interferences in the relational and social dynamics of everyday life.
KJOSK! was the hub of the whole operation: constructed using a former newspaper stand decked out with multimedia equipment, it was collocated in the historical centre of Bassano (ITALY). Functioning as the “antenna” of the project, it also hosted the programming of the events, transforming the space around it into a sort of instantaneous platform for themes linked to experimentation with contemporary languages.
A collaboration with the bimonthly multilingual European publication WORK|OUT (Berlin, Paris, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Rome) was set up. A special edition entitled TRANSMISSION was distributed during the opening days of the Venice Biennale of Architecture.
A space for interviews and encounters was available within the programming of Radio Cooperativa.




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