V.H.P. Very Happy People!
a video research about Well-Being and Happiness in North-East Italy

(V.H.P.) Very Happy People! is a video research project to investigate the relation between Well-being and Happiness in the rich italian Region known as "Nord Est". The video, in form of a documentary, mixes interviews with intellectuals and experts with a simbolic narration. Through sounds and images, it draws a sort of “places of soul” talking about the man living in this territory.

DVD PAL, 16:9, English Subtitles, 41' + extra contents 80'
2008-2009, Italy.

In collaboration with: Università di Padova (Master of Intercultural Studies) and Italian Youth Policies Ministry.

SERGE LATOUCHE (economist): “Some economists have tried to measure happiness (which thing is some kind of paradox in Economics). After carrying out a survey on the feeling of happiness, they have demonstrated that beyond a specific point the growth of G.D.P. actually destroys happiness. As my professor Ivan Illich used to say: “the rate of growth in frustration is higher than that of production”.

FRANCESCO VALLERANI (geographer): "The well-being of a country depends on the residential and existential satisfaction of a territory's population. A geography that generates happiness is a functional geography, a functional territory. If there is an enviromental conflict, if there is a cityzens committee, it means that politics has failed, it means that the territory is unable to give serenity to the people. To solve this problem we must defeat individualism, which is the anthropological new, not only of Veneto region's landscape, but of the whole western landscape."

(excerpts from interviews)

SCHEDA V.H.P (ita)




prof.Serge Latouche economist & philosopher
prof.P.L.Sacco, economist
prof.G.Pasqualotto, philosopher
prof.F.Vallerani, geographer



"The percentage of americans who define themselves “very happy” is decreasing, although a great increase of the GDP per capita."

VHP Very Happy People 2003. pubblication


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